How To Batch Edit In Photoshop: Edit Raw Photos with Adobe Photoshop

By Timothy Brauning on January 29, 2022

Have you ever had to go through and rename a massive amount of files, including raw photos? Or perhaps you've wanted to try different kinds of edits for one photo. Would you like to learn how to batch edit in Photoshop?

Check out our full article about how to do batch editing in Adobe Photoshop!

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how to batch edit in Photoshop

What is Batch Editing?

Batch editing with Adobe Photoshop is a way to apply the same action or effect to multiple photos at once. This is an excellent trick if you have many photos that you want to apply the same basic edit to across the board from beginning to end. 

Photoshop batch edit

Suppose you have multiple images shot at the same time of day or with similar lighting conditions. In that case, this is an excellent quick and easy way to edit all of your photos and can get your photos looking professional in no time.

How To Batch Edit Raw Photos

Select the image files you want to edit by clicking open on the home screen.

batch edit raw images in Photoshop

The Camera Raw editor will automatically open up right away when using raw images.

batch edit raw photos

Edit your first photo in the sequence. This will apply to the rest of the photos in the sequence, so getting the first one right is essential.

Make sure to check the Before and After by clicking on the icon on the lower left side of the screen.

Photoshop raw batch edit

After you're satisfied with the edit, scroll to the last photo in the sequence and Shift-Click to select all the photos. Then either right-click with your mouse or use the shortcut Option-S to bring up the synchronize dialog box.

how to batch edit in Photoshop

This will allow you to copy and paste all of your adjustments from the first photo. Hit OK, and it will process all of the photos in the sequence with the same setting as the first initial photo you edited.

What if you want to revert to the original image?

If you want to revert one of the photos to its original state, select the photo and hit Reset at the bottom left side of your Adobe Camera Raw window.

How to save edited photos as a JPG?

If you want to save the raw edited images as JPG select all as before and click on the save icon.

Photoshop raw edit batch

Here you can choose all kinds of options; file naming, file size, default size, and resolution.

Photoshop edit raw batch

Hit save, and all the selected images will be saved into the desired folder.


There you have it! Batch editing is easy and efficient, so do not worry about going through each photo in a sequence one by one to get them all the same.

Photoshop's batch editing is an excellent method to edit images quicker. Like with any other Photoshop feature, getting the most out of it requires practice and some trial and error. 

So what do you think? Now that Adobe has Adobe Camera Raw in Adobe Photoshop, batch editing raw files is a breeze! I hope this information was helpful to you. Please leave a comment letting me know if this helped you out or if something was unclear so I can make it better for future readers.

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how to batch edit in Photoshop

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