How to Slice in Photoshop: Slicing Text, Image, and More

By Timothy Brauning on March 28, 2022

You might not think your Photoshop skillset is particularly impressive, but there are a few tricks that will make you look like a total pro. And one of these is learning how to slice text in Photoshop.

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By Katie Houghton on January 11, 2019

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based program that allows users to create, edit and manipulate images (vector-based drawing) in many different ways. Vector-based drawing is the use of mathematical formulas to create shapes and letters. These shapes are based on calculation, making it possible to scale these drawings up and down without losing quality.

Adobe Illustrator provides a wide range of tools for artists to create shapes and letters in vector formats. Since its CS5 version, has introduced new advanced tools and features including:

  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Pathfinder Effects
  • Vector Scribe Tool
  • Live Paint Bucket

Learn how to draw basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator with the Live Shapes tool!

One of Adobe Illustrator's great features is the ability to draw live shapes with the shape builder tool. Using the shape builder tool, you will easily draw straight lines and other shapes such as circles, rectangles, polygons, and more. Editing shapes and combining shapes features will also allow you to create unique shapes.

In this blog post, we will overview the Live Shapes builder tool of Adobe Illustrator. We will also explain how to customize basic shapes using custom widgets.

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