Adobe Premiere Pro Presets: The Complete Guide

By Timothy Brauning on December 28, 2021

Adobe Premiere Pro CC presets can be a powerful tool to use in editing videos. They allow the user to quickly and easily apply effects, transitions, and other detailed settings without having to manually adjust them each time.

In this guide, we will cover what Premiere Pro templates and presets are, how they work and offer you some links to our favorite Adobe Premiere Pro presets so that you can get started creating a professional-looking premiere pro project with ease!

If you are still new to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, be sure to check out our guide to getting started!

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adobe premiere pro presets

What are Premiere Pro CC presets?

Premiere Pro templates and presets are a series of preprogrammed, customizable settings that can be applied to any video clip in a project.

Premiere Pro presets can save you time while editing, help you produce high-quality videos, give your videos a creating flair, and give your work a professional look.

How do Premiere Pro Presets Work?

The beauty of Premiere Pro presets is how simple they make editing! They allow you, the user, to apply effects and other detailed settings with just one click of a mouse.

Simply select the preset that you want to use, and drag them on top of your video clip that you wish to apply the preset to.

Where can I find Presets in Premiere Pro?

All presets can be found in the Object library under the heading titled "Preset.” It is possible to organize folders in a single session, and re-name the preset easily. It is useful if the preset quantity increases to high levels. If you structure your preset folder, it can be found much easier and streamlined.

Our Picks for the Top Premiere Pro Presets

You can pick up a free preset pack from many places around the internet. Motion Array has created a list of 24 free Premiere Pro preset packs that we absolutely love!

Now that you know a little more about Premiere Pro presets, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite Adobe Premiere Pro presets for creating a professional-looking project!

Premium and Paid Presets: 

Fx Factory, Film Convert, and Red Giant by Maxon are just a few examples of great places to find premium and paid presets.

Envato Elements has a monthly subscription to many different types of design layouts, callouts, graphics, transitions, and text presets that can be very useful.

Text Presets

Text presets in Premiere Pro are an easy way to quickly and easily add text animation to your videos for an eye-catching text effect.

Motion Array has a variety of text animations you may incorporate into your next video. Below is an example of a dynamic, fast-paced Stomp Title effect.

premiere pro Text Presets

Transition Presets

Transition presets can be used to quickly create video transitions between two clips in your Premiere project. This is a good way to segway from one video clip to another. 

Mixkit offers a great selection of dynamic Zoom transitions for free here.

adobe premiere pro Transition Presets

Color editing Presets

Color presets can be used to quickly change the color of your video clip. This is a good way to create different moods in your videos, match the colors with other footage, or create a unique color aesthetic for your overall video.

Want to give your video an authentic film-like feel? You could look into Nitrate by Film Convert. You will have the option to incorporate authentic film stock colors and have full control over your color curves and grain use. You could even specify the specific camera lens you’d like to emulate! 

adobe premiere pro Color editing Presets

Effects Presets

Effect presets can be used to add effects to your video clips. This is a great way to add some flair and creativity to your project!

Envato Elements has a wide range of effects including glitch effects, fire animations, smoke animations, and glow effects. Check out these Spark Effects that you could overlay on your video. Whether it’s a dance video, concert video, or a short clip of a few people skating in the park, make it dynamic and fun with these easy-to-use animations.


adobe premiere pro Effects Presets

Audio Presets

Audio presets can be used to change the audio of your video clips. This is a great way to add music or sound effects to your project. With different sound effects, you can add crash sounds, motion sounds, alarms, or anything else that you can think of. 

Additionally, you could even clean up your audio with a click of a button. Hear a distracting hiss or humming sound in the background that you want to get rid of? There are presets that could help you professionally clean up your audio with ease.

A few of our recommended audio presets include:

adobe premiere pro Audio Presets

Video editing Presets

Video presets can be applied to clips in the timeline. There are many different types of video presets available, such as speed, stabilization, reverse, among many other video presets.

Red Giant by Maxon offers an extensive selection of video presets including correction presets such as Camera Shake and Fisheye Fixer as well as Picture in Picture for compositing videos, and Socialize to reformat your video for various platforms. 

premiere pro Video editing Presets

How to add and install presets in Premiere Pro?

Step 1: Download your favorite preset.

See the section above about templates and presets we recommend.

Step 2: Open Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 3: Navigate to the Effects Window in the projects panel.

The Effects panel is where all of your presets are located. Adobe has already installed a few presets in there. Be sure to play with and get used to the presets that have been installed by Adobe as many of them are very useful!

Step 4: Create Your new Presets Bin "Folder" to keep the presets organized

Keeping your presets organized will save you a bunch of time!

How to add and install presets in Premiere Pro?

Step 5: Right-click the new presets bin folder that you just created.

Step 6: Select "Import Presets,” select the preset (.prfpset) then click Open

Voila! You should now see the installed presets under the new presets folder.

How to apply presets to video clips

Now that you have a few different types of presets, let's learn how to apply them to your video.

Step One: Open Adobe Premiere Pro and navigate to the effects panel.

As we mentioned earlier, all of your Premiere Pro presets are located in the Effects panel. This is where you will find all of the presets that you have installed, both paid and free.

Step Two: Locate the preset that you want to apply to your video clip.

There are many different types of presets available, such as speed, stabilization, reverse, among many other video presets.

Step Three: Depending on the type of effect, simply drag the preset onto, or between your video clip in the timeline.

Step Four: Adjust the preset to fit your specific needs.

How to create your own Premiere Pro Presets

To create your own Preset Template Project,  complete the following:

Step 1: Create Your Desired Effect 

The first step is to play with the settings and preset properties of your own video clips until you have the desired video effects

Step 2: Creating Your Preset

The next step is to save the preset.

Choose the desired effects. If you wish to add any more, hold down the Control or Command key while clicking them.

To select everything in the Effects Control panel, right-click and choose Select All.

Right-click on one of your selected effects, and select save preset.

How to create your own Premiere Pro Presets

Step 3: Adjust the Preset Settings

After you select save preset, the above window will open with the following options:

Name: Give your new preset a name.


  • Scale will take effect and keep the relative time at which it happens. If the effect happens at 10%, for example, through the clip, the effect will automatically apply to the next clip you use it on at a 10% relative scale and be applied throughout the duration of the following clip.
  • Anchor to In Point will take the distance away from the start of your clip and use that as a reference for all other clips in the future. This is useful for anything you want to see happen quickly or immediately after the start of a clip.
  • Anchor to Out Point is the same as the anchor to in point, except apply it to the end of a video clip.

Description: Give yourself some notes that will help you understand what the effect does.

Once you have finished these steps, press the "OK" button, and you are done!

Step 4: Find Your Preset & Apply It

Your new custom effects presets can be found in the Effects panel

free premiere pro presets

Now that you have created your custom-made premiere pro preset, apply it to any clips that you want.


Premiere Pro presets can be used to quickly and easily add text animation, transitions, color editing, audio effects, and more to your videos. You can also create your own presets by playing with the settings and properties of your video clips.

We hope you enjoy using presets in your own Premiere Pro projects! Editing videos can be a lot of fun and with the help of presets.

If you are looking for more ways to speed up the process in your video editor, check out our Premiere Pro shortcuts cheat sheet!

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